Beau Bouquet

Thomas Schütte Fleurs Pour M. Duchamp, 2002

When the homage to another artist feels so authentic, it might turn into a genuine work of the admirer's object of admiration itself. Sending flowers is the only appropriate gesture of appropriation.


Tokyo Diaries XXII

Nobuyoshi Araki & Jürgen Teller Araki Teller, Teller Araki, 2014

The meeting of Japan and Germany, the sincere perversion and ironic beauty of the photographic lense. He taking pictures of him, he portraying him. Sharing their memories as a collective archive.


Tokyo Diaries XXI

1. Parco Fall/Winter 2014
2. Parco Spring/Summer 2015

The iconic campaigns by department store Parco were lost in time and translation for decades. Now, a revival by M/M Paris, Viviane Sassen and Lily Mcmenamy takes us back to the sea. A happy farewell to Kenji Sawada and Eiko Ishioka.


Tokyo Diaries XX

1. Craig Green Spring/Summer 2015
2. Brian Cypher Cross Swords, 2015

That was what will be my uniform. Flat two-dimensional shapes wandering between greige concrete corridors. Blown up by humid air into a voluminous body. Straps dangling in the dust.


Tokyo Diaries XIX

1. David Salle Sailor, 2007
2. David Salle Painting for HCA, 2007
3. David Salle Cabin In The Woods, 2008

David Salle did Tokyo Pop Art. Sailor Moon sneaked herself into Magic Realism. She twisted and swallowed everything that was purely photo-surrealism into a swirl of candy pop culture.