True Beauty

Kostas Murkudis Fall/Winter 2015

Taking on the minimalist-modernist inheritance of father Lang and mother Sander, Murkudis leans on endurance, substance and androgyny. A leather cowboy in pastel-hued underwear.


From Pop To Poop

Paul McCarthy Grand Pop, 1977

In homage and re-homage and anti-homage to a collection entitled 'Grand Poop', and also as a short break amidst the London womenswear plagiarisms, we turn to 1977. Everything that has been will be. Kiss the future. Fuck the past.


Fashion Charts XIX

1. James Theseus Buck Central Saint Martins MA 2015

2. Maximilian Riedlberger Central Saint Martins MA 2015

3. Charles Jeffrey Central Saint Martins MA 2015

Longing for fresh meat. Topless crotch focus (James), asymmetric tank tops (Maximilian), pantyhose and painted bottom dandies (Charles). Everything is directed towards cover-revealed genitals and reveal-covered torso.

Image credits Style.com


Fashion Charts XVIII

1. Damir Doma Fall/Winter 2015

2. Yohji Yamamoto Fall/Winter 2015

3. Icosae Fall/Winter 2015

Longing for radical eco. Escaping from a new age cult (Damir), threatened by a straight edge tribe (Yohji), followed by the eco-anarchist elite (Florentin-Valentin-Anthony). If fashion was a religion, we were multiple theocracies.


Fashion Charts XVII

1. Maison Margiela Fall/Winter 2015

2. Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2015

3. Lanvin Fall/Winter 2015

Longing for sleeveless winter. Barebicepsing in the disco (Martin), masterbating in your teenage room (Raf), arm wrestling by oneself in the monastery (Lukas). I always have and always will.